UNOBSCURED - 06-02-2017
The idea behind this project was to examine the layers of imagery within a photograph. When looking back at a photo we have taken we see what is there, but there was more to the image. With this project I look past the subjects who once inhabited the work. Using digital techniques to peer behind them to see what is obscured.
COLD CASES - 31-05-2016
The basic premise for this project on the theme of fiction was develop a project with a document focused style. I used the city of Brighton as the setting for my project in order to create a new fictional visual history to it.
Instead of investigating the real dark side of the city, I wanted to create a fictional story of my own. I developed a set of case files pertaining to fictional crimes that happened within the jurisdiction of Sussex Police. I put together a series of five case files containing detailed documents such as coroner’s, fingerprint and scene reports. As well as this I included photographs of the scenes along with images of the fabricated evidence and linked correspondence.
TINY TREES - 24-03-2015
Ideas of the delicacy of nature were what drove the creation and development of this project. The idea was to present how small and fragile nature is, but also how it can thrive, even in the most unusual of places. Using miniature and model scale trees and artificial grass I created fragments of imaginary worlds that exist within our own.
This project was sparked by the discovery of an object of obsession, the human form in miniature. The skeleton project is a year long project in which I tasked myself to create a new image on a weekly basis for 52 consecutive weeks.
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